Remote Controls
Lights & Fans
  • Your TV has a remote!
  •             Your music system has a remote!
  •                               Your phones are wireless!
  • Why not your Lights & Fans!!



    Switches for

    Lights & Fans


    Remote Switches add to your life's Comforts and Convenience & lets you enjoy pleasure of Controls at your Finger tips. Amtech Automation brings you KREMOT Modular Remote Switches that work flawlessly and fit into your existing fittings. They are elegant, functional and economical, providing years of enhanced pleasure and Comfort.

    Since over 10 years KREMOT is a trusted name for remote switches in India. With thousands of switches installed in Indian homes, offices and commercial establishments, they are making life simpler, comfortable and Convenient !!

    With simple yet proven and effective technology we bring you the most elegant and functional Remote Switches to control your Lights and Fans.

    3 Lights Module         Fan Module
    6 Lights & 1 Fan - Switch unit
    3 Lights & 2 Fans - Switch unit
    12 Lights - 2 Fans - Switch unit